“Aiming to create Value through our Dedication to serve Customers and develop Solutions that work”

NovaComtar site in Luanda experiences more than 4 decades of professionalism, innovation, trust and responsibility in manufacturing, with capabilities to fabricate heavy duty equipment for transportation sector and mechanical structures for civil engineering and Oil&Gas sector.

“It is not a magical success but the drive of patience and perseverance”

The success and perseverance to current day has a history closer to half century, novacomtar (Construction of Mechanical and Technical products) has a 48 years of history, being prosperous in the manufacture of trailers, frames and tanks for both Transport and Oil&Gas Industries.

NovaComtar does perform all disciplines involved in full/modular fabrication and has extensive experience with both welded and bolted structures. The on-site pipe fabrication shop and coating facility allows to effectively supporting any schedule driven project with reduced timelines, with both covered fabrication/assembly shops, extensive storage and nearby dockside areas.

NovaComtar is prevalent in building tanks, vessels and trailers ranging from 1-10 meters in diameter and over 100 meters in length. The facility provides all the welding, rolling and cutting equipment necessary for major fabrication projects and additional fabrication and finish work that includes blasting, painting and insulation. The area has overhead cranes with capacity to 5-35 tons.

All manufactured equipment is designed in detail, accordingly to each client needs. The department of design and technical drawings works in the planning of each stage of production, ensuring that nothing is left to chance. Moreover, all of these stages of the manufacture, testing, transport and assembly are closely monitored, ensuring the desired quality.

In Nova Comtar, each client is unique and each piece is a unique challenge. At the end of each work, we feel that the industry took us a step forward.

“We create Solutions that work…”

Excellence is our Processes, Products and People

A changing world but always Safe

Professionalism, Innovation, Trust and Responsibility

Our Mission

Develop products in a safe manner that improve the quality of people’s lives through reliable and sustainable engineering solutions

Our Vision

Striving focus in Africa and develop local resources to increase product life cycle. Ensure a product diversity that can meet market’s needs. We aim to meet the delivery with shorter product life cycles, increase the investment on the research and development, and reduce the involvement of the supply chain players by keeping most expertise in house.

Core Values

  • Safety
  • Commitment
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork

“Quality and Processes makes the Difference”

Quality is important to our business because we value our customers.

We strive to provide our customers with products and services which meet and even exceed their expectations.

We are committed to continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance.

We have the following systems and procedures in place to support us in our aim of total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement throughout our business:

  • Regular gathering and monitoring of customer feedback
  • A customer complaints procedure
  • Selection and performance monitoring of suppliers
  • Training and development for our employees
  • Regular audit of our internal processes
  • Measurable quality objectives which reflect our business aims
  • Management reviews of audit results, customer feedback and complaints Our internal procedures are reviewed regularly and are held in a Quality Manual which is made available to all employees.

This policy is posted on the Company Notice Board and can also be found in the staff handbook.

Though the Managing Director has ultimate responsibility for Quality all employees have a responsibility within their own areas of work so helping to ensure that Quality is embedded within the whole of the company.