Solutions and Services in various Sectors

Novacomtar has been serving transport industry for many decades and currently is focusing on the oil and gas sector. Our suite of services and products caters to different areas in the transportation, oil and gas, construction and real estate sectors. Our experience in design and fabrication supports; prototyping, quality and reliability of all products made.


We fabricate containers and vessel trailers to be used in the transport industry which facilitates the transport of liquids and bulks in remote to difficult areas.


Our equipment and products cater to the requirements of the construction industry bu making heavy duty containers and structures.


Engineering calculations, drawings, design and prototyping are done in every new model to achieve quality and reliable products that are comparable to international standards.


Support on fabrication of baskets, vessels and mechanical structures for different requirements in the industry. We deliver quality products with all required regulations and inspections without compromising safety at work.


We develop and manage strategic projects with government and ensure local content is developed at all times by training and assuring certification to all specialized employees.


Civil engineering projects are also supported for designing of structures and engineering support on solutions to day to day challenges in the construction sites.


Cutting, bending, welding, blasting, painting and rolling are the main manufacturing processes but other special processes are use in customized designs.


NovaComtar does extend its services to the technology segment. New welding technologies are evaluated and applied in new materials.