“Aiming steadily and Unswervingly is our Dedication to Serve Customer Satisfaction”

In NovaComtar, each client is unique and each piece is a unique challenge. At the end of each work, we feel that the industry took us a step forward. Customization is another highlight as we welcome the unique requirement by the customers and we would confidently take up to design and develop products, fabricate, manage project, installation of equipment, setting up facilities and other innovative solutions prevailing as a great challenge of the current scenario.



Iveco Trucks

The exceptional Cargo Truck Frame was designed and delivered to our esteemed customer Iveco Trucks. Having been developed in Angola along with its Mass production which was again formulated in Angola, we take pride to produce the yearly quantity of 20 pieces. The prime advantage over choosing us is the Time, the Expertise and the Cost factors.


These enriched and sturdy Scrap Containers are designed and manufactured for our valuable customer Solizaque / AirSol. It has been under taken with the Load Test and approval by Algoa and ISQ. The materials used are also been certified. Promptly and effectively the drawings assembly was made in Angola. We deliver the yearly quantity of 50 pieces and it goes with the advantage of design flexibility, the expertise and of course the cost aspect.

Teixeira Duarte

The most eminent client has approached for the Cistern and it was dutifully designed for the customers Teixeira Duarte / GRN. Particularly this Cistern was used to transport chemicals. The various processes of design, cutting, assembling, welding and painting were undertaken in the state of complete production in Angola. With the promising delivery of 30 pieces contact has met the client satisfaction.


Pumangol is our renowned customer for Storage Tanks. It is been used for the Petrol Service Stations. Empowered with the latest technology to meet the production necessity of cutting, painting, soldering, assembling, we take immense pride to have been met the customer satisfaction while the next types are currently in process. The successful production of 30 pieces on the annual basis has been already engaged.